About Us

WeFix from APS Lanka to look after your mandatory needs.. Electricity and Water

APS Lanka Private Limited has been a prime business installation in providing Mechanical Electrical and plumbing services to the large scale building and other construction projects in Sri Lanka and other countries since the year 2007 and been able to place its image at a remarkable position in the industry as a result of highly committed professional and disciplined service rendered to the clients by APS Lanka.

With the it’s very good conduct and the image, APS is pleased to extend its professional and quality service to the domestic homes from its exclusively established subsidiary “WeFix”.


We understand that the every house in the country finds many difficulties to find the right reliable person in order to attend the repairs against the failures/ breakdowns of their mandatory living sources of electricity and water within the quick time. Even if they find a person so called “බාස්”, the misconducts of handling of a job by such a person always causes following critical and inevitable issues .


  Misconducts of a typical “බාස්” in Sri Lanka



  Join WeFix to Eliminate



Mission : WeFix in existence with the Mission


The establishment of WeFix is to provide the immediate repair solutions for intermittent failures in electrical and plumbing systems of the houses which are obviously considered as basic and essential needs at all times of livelihood.