The TCON HV430HB-F90 is an essential component for modern television displays, specifically designed to enhance the performance and reliability of your TV. This Timing Controller Board (TCON) is engineered to manage the signal processing between the main board and the LCD panel, ensuring optimal display quality and seamless functionality.

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Key Features Of  TCON HV430HB-F90 :

1. High Performance:
The TCON HV430HB-F90 is built to deliver superior performance, ensuring that your TV’s display operates at peak efficiency. It processes complex image signals with precision, providing clear, crisp, and vibrant visuals.

2. Compatibility:
This TCON board is compatible with a wide range of TV models, making it a versatile choice for repair and replacement needs. Its universal design ensures easy integration with existing systems, reducing the need for extensive modifications.

3. Enhanced Display Quality:
The HV430HB-F90 optimizes image quality by accurately controlling the timing of the signals sent to the LCD panel. This results in improved color accuracy, sharper images, and smoother motion, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

4. Durability and Reliability:
Manufactured with high-quality components, the Logicboard is designed for longevity and dependable performance. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of continuous use, providing a stable and reliable operation for your TV.

5. Easy Installation:
The logicboard is user-friendly and straightforward to install. It comes with clear instructions and all necessary connectors, allowing for a hassle-free replacement process.


The TCON HV430HB-F90 is ideal for use in repairing and upgrading televisions, particularly for those experiencing display issues such as image distortion, flickering, or color problems. It is suitable for both professional repair technicians and DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their TV’s performance.


With its advanced features, compatibility, and ease of installation, this TCON board is an excellent investment for ensuring your television continues to deliver exceptional viewing experiences. Whether you’re repairing a malfunctioning TV or looking to enhance your display’s performance, the TCON HV430HB-F90 is the perfect solution.



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