Our Service

WeFix is engaged in carrying out following services for the clients of domestic houses and establishments:

  • Any repairs on electrical system;
  • Any repairs on plumbing systems;
  • Any repairs on extra low voltage (ELV) systems such as CCTV and security systems.

In addition WeFix undertakes following jobs on demand:

  • New installation of electrical, plumbing and CCTV systems;
  • Lighting decoration for temporary occasions;
  • Extensions to the existing water and electrical systems;
  • Lightning and surge protections;
  • Solar power net metering.


WeFix take care of only the members!


WeFix cater said services of repairs exclusively for the clients who are registered as members of WeFix and the service is rapidly deployed within the territory of Colombo district.


WeFix offer values which make the difference

High degree of responsibility

The service is carried out under the Brand WeFix by highly reputed APS Lanka Private Limited who is duly registered in Sri Lanka having responsibility of ensuring the Government statutory and legal requirements. Therefore the Company shall take the sole responsibility to carry out repairs at the premises of the client/members with a respectful and professional conduct. The members have the right to blame and recover any damages caused during the process of repairs, whereas such conduct or recovery is not possible from an individual or a “බාස්”.

WeFix vigilant round the clock with no limitation of visits

Since the repairs are carried out for registered members of WeFix Club on pre paid annual/quarterly memberships, the number of attendance to repairs will be unlimited and assured at no cost of labor repair wise, whereas the labor charges for individuals/“බාස්” are paid by the owners for each defects and the visit.

WeFix maintains quality standards during process...

The repairs are attended in a comprehensive manner by a team of competent technicians as per the quality standards trained and guided by the engineers of APS Lanka.

WeFix facilitates exclusive mobile application for registering and reporting breakdowns

Exclusively designed friendly mobile App is provided for clients to register themselves as members and communicate requirements of repairs without a cost.

24 hours responsiveness

The team of technicians are fully equipped and vigilant to attend the repair calls/notifications of the members.


Since the repairs are attended by a legal company, safety is ensured during the process of repairs and the confidentiality of the premises of our members will not be divulged to unauthorized persons under any circumstances.